Antony C of E Primary School

Antony School is located in beautiful grounds, just outside Torpoint, Cornwall. With large outdoor spaces and a passion for developing children’s performing arts and creativity skills; Antony provides an enriched and engaging curriculum.

Our school is small – made up of four classes and an outdoor nursery – which allows children to flourish in a supportive, family environment. However, we believe in ‘pushing the boundaries’ and challenging our children to take risks and face adventures with courage and resilience.

The 3 Christian Values are at the heart of everything we do, helping our children become tolerant, compassionate, respectful and loving citizens. Our values are: courage, creativity and friendship.

Our ‘Bring It!’ vision requires us to ensure our pupils are excited by and fully engaged in their learning and school experience more widely. We support them to use their talents to create positive school memories with their friends that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Our aim is to inspire a lifetime of adventure.

Our School vision is underpinned by The Parable of the Talents

Matthew 25:14–30.

A master gives three servants different amounts of talents and asks them to use them wisely before he goes off travelling.  Some use them well and double their original amount.  One buries his only talent, thinking he’s keeping it safe and doing the right thing – but the master is angry as he’s done nothing with it and passed up the chance of making it grow.

At Antony School, we aim to nurture and encourage everyone’s talents enabling them to flourish.

We know we are successful in our vision as our pupils are;

  • happy and confident

  • eager to learn

  • extending their learning at home

  • coming to school and sharing their ideas

  • working together with their friends

  • achieving high standards

  • advocates for our vision extending it to the wider community in Cornwall, England and overseas

We work together as a family to make these important Primary School years of your child’s life as exciting and memorable as possible; preparing them for the wider world and encouraging them to BRING IT every day.

Come and see it for yourself!